Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Short Story on "Dim Sum and the Racetrack"

As part of the 27th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF), "Family Portraits," a compilation of short stories revolving around the theme of family and kinship, includes a 6 minute short story on "Dim Sum and the Racetrack". Directed by Sulima Rodriguez, the story is described as follows:

"Attempting to understand and remember their late father, Suilma and her sisters sift through their father's worldly possessions in hopes of giving meaning to memories of dim sum and Sundays."

I'm several time zones away but I am intrigued by this piece as well as others in the short stories collection. I wonder if a screening of Family Portraits would be possible for those in the East Coast or if a DVD release is in the works.