Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Touch Our Food!

Recent posts on Grub Street and NY Times warns of the rapid gentrification of Chinatown (See "Chinatown is threatened by ‘Trendy’ restaurants" and "Special-District Zoning Is Urged for Chinatown")

A report released by 2 community organizations (the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center and the Chinatown Justice Project of the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence) shows that in 2008, longtime tenants were pushed out and replaced by new condos and hotels and high-end boutiques and cafés. "The survey includes a map of 'trendy' restaurants, meaning those with English menus, non-bilingual staff, and above-average prices that target wealthy clients."

My thoughts? There's enough room for everyone in lower Manhattan. For one, move to on over to Wall Street. There's no need for the fancy schmancies to encroach upon the hole-in-the-walls.



  1. I, for one, would be saddened by the thought of Chinatown anywhere being westernized and glammed up beyond recognition. :(

  2. great blog, love the story of the blogs name and the picture on your banner!!