Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frozen Grub

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With finals, graduation, studying for standardized exams, and the day job, I had no time to prepare and cook my own meals. Food had to come out of a box and/or must be zapped in a microwave. With that, I wonder how many actually feed from frozen dim sum.

Frozen dim sum was definitely my primary source of Asian food when I used to dorm in college (before I discovered Tops & Wegman's). Having dim sum, albeit coming from an ice box, was a taste of home for me while I was at school 8 hours away. Nowadays, I'm a five minute walk to the nearest takeout dim sum place. But with work being crazy busy and at most times, having no minutes to spare, I'm forced to limit my indulgence only on weekends. So, here comes the return of the frozen grub.

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